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Property Buying Tips

Congratulations on deciding to buy a property. Now comes the big task of finding a home or investment property that matches your needs and budget. There’s a sea of options before you and somewhere among them is that perfect property waiting to be transferred to you. Between identifying the perfect property and acquiring it, there are multiple actions to be taken. How then, do you work your way out of the property purchase puzzle? Easy, by leveraging the expertise and extensive experience of a Professionals Real Estate agent. Not only do we handle all aspects of buying a home, we also offer valuable tips whenever we can to help you make smart decisions.

Examine the value Buying Tips

Conducting a sales comparison of similar properties in your area that have been sold recently (in the past three to six months) is critical. You don’t want to buy a property based on just market value, rather look further to assess if – given the style, land content and existing condition of the property – what is a reasonable price to pay. Our familiarity with local markets and 30+ years of industry experience poises us well to separate the fair deals from the expensive ones.

If you are a first-time home buyer, we will help you decide the best type of property aligned to your needs, budget and future plans. We will also help you understand any Government Grants that may be available from the Australian Government.

Negotiate with vendors motivated to sell 

This is an option you can explore especially if you’ve identified the properties that certain vendors are desperate to sell that meet your needs. Motivated sellers could be individuals looking for a quick deal owing to circumstances such as debt, death, work/business hardship or distance. We can help identify motivated sellers, who in a majority of cases, are willing to negotiate. This represents an opportunity to land a great property for a good price.

Be prepared when the sale goes to an auction 

If the property is being auctioned, you must know how an auction works if you’re a first-time buyer. We can explain the process to you, though we recommend that you attend a few auctions to gain a clear understanding. If this isn’t your first time at an auction, you’ll want to know what to do that you didn’t the previous time to gain an advantage over other buyers.

Get more tips and information on buying a home. Talk to one of our agents!

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